About Asian 101

About Asian 101 Market

Asian 101 Market is a full-service Asian grocery store conveniently located in San Marcos, California. Owners Hung Danny Chen and his wife Jennifer started Asian 101 Market with a vision of bringing the FUN back to preparing and consuming everyday meals. 

While home cooked meals are the #1 dining choice for U.S. consumers, we all know that preparing 3 daily meals 365 days a year isn’t always so easy. Many of us feel pressed for time, making it a challenge to shop for and prepare healthy meals day in and day out. But thanks to Asian 101 Market, the answer doesn’t have to be turning to fast food or boring frozen dinners. With Asian 101 Market Meal Solutions, it’s now easier than ever to pull together a fresh and healthy Asian meal in your own kitchen in less than 30 minutes!

About Mealcourt

Mealcourt LLC is the backbone of Asian 101 Market and its innovative approach to online food business. As multi-channel retailer for authentic Asian foods and meal kits, Mealcourt LLC imports more than 95% of its products from overseas, including countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and more.  

About the Founder

Danny Chen is the founder of Mealcourt LLC and Asian 101 Market. Danny and his wife, Jennifer, are dedicated to make preparing everyday Asian meals fun and easy.

With over 14 years of experience as a retail consultant, traveling the world working on private label development, brand expansion and global sourcing in countries like China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the U.S., Chen believes Asian 101 Market and Meal Solutions are the ideal way to help more people enjoy flavorful and unique Asian foods. 

Prior to starting Mealcourt LLC, Chen worked in international retail operations and new business development. His areas of expertise include:
  • Owned brand creation, strategic planning, sourcing and development management
  • International sourcing and supplier relationship building
  • Category development prioritization and management
  • Start-up, new account, retail operations and P&L management.

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